Why Do People Buy Leather Wallets?

There are many reasons why people buy leather wallets. Durability is though likely to be high on the list, next to stylish look.

However, not all leather wallets are equal so...

What To Have In Mind When Buying Leather Wallet?

The most important thing to have in mind when buying leather wallet is the quality of the leather used.

Leather Quality

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of animal skin or hide. Cattle, sheep and pigs hides and skins are common in leather manufacturing but leather can be made from most animal skin, e.g. lamb, dear, crocodile, kangaroo, snakes, etc.

Selection of leather wallets

Just make sure the leather you buy is not from an animal on the endangered list.

That a product is made from genuine leather does not tell you anything about the quality of the leather. It just tells you that the product is genuine leather product, i.e. made from leather of unknown quality.

Better quality leather is more expensive but the price alone is no guarantee of the leather quality (you also pay for the brand and other features).

The way the leather is processed is the best indication of the quality. The most common types of leather used in luggage are:

  • Full grain leather
  • Top grain leather
  • Corrected grain leather
  • Split leather

Full grain leather is the highest graded leather quality. It involves the least processing, i.e. only the hair is removed from the hide.

Full grain leather therefore shows the original texture and marking of the original hide, making it less "pleasing" on the eye than top grain or corrected grain leather that have been treated to remove imperfections. Split leather on the other hand is the most fragile leather type and therefore mainly used in suede products.

Top grain leather has been treated to remove imperfections and has greater resistance to staining than the full grain leather. It is therefore popular for top end leather wallets. The less expensive leather wallets tend to be made of corrected grain leather.

Other popular types of leather used in wallets include belting leather (thick , firm feel and smooth finish) and napa leather (chrome-tanned, soft and supple).

Other Important Leather Wallet Features

There are more things to consider when you buy leather wallets, like the size, functionality, and style.

You can find wallets with special coin compartments and leather checkbook wallet. And how many credit cards do you need the wallet to hold? There are bifold wallets, i.e. folded in two halves, and trifold leather wallets, i.e. folded in three parts… just to name just few considerations.

Then there is the finishing. Steady and thick threading is important, as well as the overall craftsmanship.

Top Leather Wallets Brands

The following table compares some of the main manufactures of quality leather wallets. Just click on the relevant brand name to view the selection of leather wallets on offer. Our price comparison will find you the best price when you buy leather wallets from B for Bag.

The price range is simple. The baseline is USD 100. The brand falls under category A if the majority of the leather wallets cost less but category B if the majority costs more.

Brand Name Description Target Budget
American West Handmade, decorated Both sexes A
Anuschka Colorful hand painted leather Women A
Bisadora Classic wallets and hip purses Women A
Boconi Traditional bifolds Men A
Bosca Classic looking, various types Both sexes A - B
Buxton Inexpensive plain looking Men A
Clava Stylish passport wallets Women A
Dizengoff Inexpensive patent leather Both sexes A
Dopp Classic RFID blocking Men A
Dr Koffer Classic looking, various types Men A
Hobo Stylish colorful Women A - B
Hugo Bosca Classic looking, various types Both sexes A - B
Jack Georges Traditional and stylish Both sexes A - B
Johnston & Murphy Classic looking  Men A
Mancini Traditional and stylish Both sexes A
Millennium Classic two and trifold Men A
Navali Stylish and classic Men A
Nino Bossi Colorful  Both sexes A
Royce Leather Classic looking, various types Both sexes A
Tony Perotti Stylish and classic Both sexes A - B
Tumi Classic stylish design Men B
Victorinox Classic and stylish Unisex B

How To Buy Leather Wallets

Amazon offers wide range leather wallets and often the best prices you can find. For your convenience, B for Bag has grouped together the most popular leather wallet categories.

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