Luggage Travel Tips

B for Bag travel luggage tips are for all travelers. We have already covered how to choose the right luggage for your trip and how to pack your bags. In this section, we offer various additional advices about travelling with a bag.

Drawing sunlounge parasol three bags

We look at how to pack carry-on bag for your flight and explain luggage regulations. We explore airport security restrictions and look at what you can and cannot bring aboard an airplane.

We go through why you should take luggage insurance when travelling and what it should include. We also look at which factors affect the price of your travel insurance.

We explore what happens to unclaimed luggage and how to avoid losing your luggage in the first place, as well what to do if you lose your bag, e.g. if your airline looses your bag. We also look at what to do if your bag is damaged by the airline.

Furthermore, we offer direct links to various official websites for further practical information.

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