The Best Laptop Bags For Women

There are number of luggage brands that specialize in laptop bags for women. Many more do excellent laptop cases for both sexes, and some are truly unisex laptop cases, i.e. suitable for either sex. Laptop bags that target women tend to be more streamlined (feminine) and come in more shapes and colors than those targeting both sexes / men only.

There are fashionable laptop totes and handbags, as well as trendy messenger bags and backpacks. While women's briefcases and business cases tend to be timeless and stylish in design.

Popular Women Laptop Luggage Brands

The following table compares some of the most popular luggage brands that specialize in laptop bags for women. The price categories are as before:

Price Range USD ($)
A < 150
B 150 - 350
C > 350

Just click on the relevant laptop luggage brand to see their range of women's laptop cases.

Luggage Brand Laptop Type Description Target Budget
Amy Butler Women Colorful handbags and covers Women A - B
Claire Chase Various Stylish laptop bags and briefs  Women B
Clark & Mayfield Totes Laptop totes, wide range of colors Women A - B
Hadaki Sleeves Colorful sleeves and messengers Women A
Ice Red Totes, Bags Trendy urban laptop bags Women A
Jack Georges Business Executive leather bags, both sex Business B - C
Knomo iPad, Totes Laptop bags and sleeves Women A - B
Siamod Leather Leather laptop bags, both sexes All B
Tumi Various Luxury executive bags, both sex Business B - C

Amy Butler

Amy Butler is a designer famous for her patterns and fabrics, which are then used in various products. You can get Amy Butler sewing patterns, customized wall art, handcrafted wool rugs, wallpaper, as well as fashion and travel bags.

Amy Butler pink laptop handbag for women

Amy designs for women, her patterns and bag style is very feminine. The patterns are colorful and busy, but still subtle and suitable for most occasions.

Amy Butler laptop bags are stylish accessory that appeals to wide range of women. Her laptop covers are fun and stylish and are suitable in most situations. However, if you prefer more "conservative" looking laptop covers, then you can get one in solid external color but that is truly Amy Butler once you open it.

Claire Chase

Leather Claire Chase laptop handbag

Claire Chase offers wide range of distinguished leather unisex laptop cases, as well as range of laptop bags for women. Claire Chase targets the "sophisticated traveler with discriminating taste". Their product range is classic and the material leather of high quality.

Most of Claire Chase laptop bags fall within the middle price range (B), which is quite reasonable as these are all quality leather laptop cases.

Claire Chase laptop luggage range for women includes classic leather handbags, totes, backpacks, and briefcases.

Clark & Mayfield

Clark & Mayfield laptop tote for women

Clark & Mayfield offers the style of designer handbag but with the functionality of both briefcase and purse. Or like their tagline says, functional bags for the fashion-savvy woman.

This has made Clark & Mayfield popular among professional women. The style is feminine and timeless and even if the colors are vibrant, they are still classic and suitable for most occasions, i.e. from lunch with the girls to the boardroom.

This is what makes Clark & Mayfield stylish laptop bags for women of all ages.


Hadaki funky laptop bag for women

Hadaki target markets are students and young professionals though everyone that appreciates fun and funky design at great price will value Hadaki laptop bags.

The design is colorful and fun, and the style is casual. Hadaki products are made of quality materials and fine workmanship and are eco-friendly and easy to maintain, i.e. most are made from water resistant material and easy to wipe clean.

Hadaki laptop bags are as much fashion statement as laptop bag... at very affordable price.

Ice Red

Ice Red bright laptop backpack for women

Ice Red laptop bags for women combine style and functionality at affordable price. Their product range for women includes laptop messenger bags, backpacks and laptop totes.

The design tends to be quite classic, making it easy to envisage Ice Red laptop bag in various situations.

Ice Red design and price should appeal to women that like multi functional laptop bags.

Jack Georges

Jack Georges elegant laptop bag for women

Jack Georges stands for distinguished functional leather business cases of highest quality and value.

Jack Georges target market is professional business people. The look is therefore professional and stylish, i.e. offering great balance of innovative design, durability, and timeless style. The majority of their products are unisex laptop cases but there are some more masculine or feminine that others.

Jack Georges products are high quality and made to last, hence come with a lifetime warranty.


Red Knomo laptop sleeve for women

The name Knomo is made up from the words knowledge and mobility. Because that is what the brand is about, i.e. expertly designed (knowledge) bags to carry your technology around (mobility).

Knomo caters for both sexes but their laptop bag range for women is classic and stylish.

Knomo bag is something any women can proudly carry in any situation, and the price range means most women can find something within their budget.


Wheeled Siamod leather laptop bag for women

Siamod is part of the McKlein Company, a leading innovator in the design of computer cases and travel bags. The Siamod brand is a high-end brand and stands for Italian inspired handmade luxury.

Siamod target markets are traveling professionals and luxury leisure travelers.

Siamod laptop bags for women have distinct but timeless look and fit nicely in any occasion.


Elegant Tumi laptop briefcase for women

One look at Tumi bag and you can tell it is a quality product of the highest caliber, i.e. combining design excellence, superior functionality, and technical innovation.

Tumi target markets are discerning professionals and frequent travelers of both sexes.

Tumi laptop bags for women are stylish, elegant, and timeless classic. Tumi bag is truly the ultimate luxury lifestyle bag.

This is only a small selection of our range of laptop bags for women. You can see B for Bag full laptop luggage range in our Laptop Luggage Shop.