Not All Wallets Are The Same...

The definition of wallet according to Wikipedia is:

"A wallet, or billfold, is a small, flat case that is used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, identification documents (driver's license, identification card, club card, etc.), photographs, gift cards, business cards and other paper or laminated cards. Wallets are generally made of leather or fabrics, and they are usually pocket-sized but not always foldable"

This means that there are many different wallet types available, i.e. targeting different needs and people.

The Different Types Of Wallets

Different types of wallets

The different wallet types reflect our different needs and wishes to carry our valuables with us.

Credit card wallet is ideal for those that prefer to carry only cards on them. Others may prefer money clip wallet, coin wallet or even checkbook wallet.

You may want the wallet to be foldable. Then you can choose between bifold and trifold wallet.

Most men prefer small wallets that fit in the back or breast pocket. Women usually carry their wallets in their handbag. Women wallets therefore tend to come in more shapes and sizes, i.e. to fit in different sized handbags.

There are though more ways to carry a wallet. There is clutch wallet that can be carried by hand, wallet on a string that is carried on the shoulder, neck wallets, wrist wallets, waist wallet, and even belt wallets.

There is also the material to consider. Leather wallets are always popular but they are by far the only option you have. There are cool nylon wallets, lightweight aluminum wallet, stainless steel wallet, waterproof wallets, etc.

Then there are special wallets for travelers, like passport wallet and RFID wallet.

It is clear that not all wallets are the same...

B for Bag Wallet Types

We have listed the different types of wallets in the following table. Just click on the wallet type you are interested in to view that particular wallet collection.

There is a short description to help you to decide if this wallet type is of interest to you or not. Most of the wallet types are suitable for either sexes but some target men or women specifically (as indicated in the table).

Wallet Type Description Target
Alligator Wallet Luxurious money clips Men
Aluminum Wallet Credit card wallets / money clips Men
Belt Wallet Belts and money belts Travelers
Bifold Wallet Folds in two halves Both sexes
Breast Pocket Wallet Fits in breast / front pockets Both sexes
Business Card Wallet For business cards Both sexes
CD Wallet For CD's Both sexes
Cell Phone Wallet For cell phones Both sexes
Checkbook Wallet Fits for checkbooks Both sexes
Clip Wallet Clip wallets / money clips Men
Clutch Wallet Clutch wallet / bag Women
Coin Wallet Has coin compartment Both sexes
Credit Card Wallet With credit card compartments Both sexes
ID Wallet With ID compartment Men
Key Wallet Keys wallet / attached to wallet Both sexes
Leather Wallet Various types of wallets / leather Both sexes
Magic Wallet Seeing is believing Both sexes
Mens Wallets Various types of wallets / material Men
Mini Wallet Small Both sexes
Money Clip Wallet Wallets / money clips Men
Neck Wallet Neck wallets and pillows Travelers
Nylon Wallet Wallets / bags Both sexes
Passport Wallet For passport / travel documents Travelers
Photo Wallet For photos Both sexes
Pocket Wallet Fits in pockets Both sexes
RFID Wallet Minimize risk of identity theft Both sexes
Security Wallet Secure your belongings Both sexes
Slim Wallet Thin style Both sexes
Small Wallet Small style Both sexes
Snap Wallet Wallet / tray Both sexes
Stainless Steel Wallet Wallet / money clips Both sexes
Taxi Wallet Small wallet for small expenditures Both sexes
Thin Wallet Slim style Both sexes
Travel Wallet For safe organized travel Travelers
Trifold Wallet Folds in three halves Both sexes
Wallet Case Various styles / purpose Both sexes
Wallet Inserts Inserts for wallets Both sexes
Wallet On A String Can be carried on the shoulder Women
Wallet Purse Carry hand / hip Both sexes
Waterproof Wallet Wallets / bags Both sexes
Womens Wallets Various styles / material Women
Wrist Wallet Carry on the wrist Men

We hope this helps you to find the right wallet type for your valuables. You may also want to check out these B for Bag favourite wallets!