Why Use Vacation Packing List?

Some people never pack a bag without using vacation packing list. Some even go as far as saying that you should not pack an item if it is not on the packing list. While others never bother to use one... and still manage to pack their bag somehow.

B for Bag view is that packing list for travel is not strictly necessary but that it can be very helpful when packing for a trip.

Travel packing lists should though never replace the good old common sense. If something is not on your packing checklist, you should still take it if you need it, or even if you just want to bring it along.

The Benefits Of Using Vacation Packing Lists

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There are many benefits of using packing list for travel. Maybe most importantly because travel packing lists can take the stress out of packing.

Packing checklist means you are less likely to forget any necessary items (must have). It can also remind you of items that can be useful or fun to bring on your vacation (nice to have).

Lists can help you to stay organised when packing, just go through the packing list for travel from top to bottom, marking the items as you go along.

All this means packing should take you less time... just to mention few of the benefits of using packing checklists.

Packing List Template For All Occasions

B for Bag offers 10 free packing list templates that you can download and print for your convenience. Our packing list templates cover the following occasions:

General Vacation Packing List Opens in new window symbol that is suitable for most adults on most trips

Packing Checklist For Babies Opens in new window symbol because infants do not travel light

Toddlers Packing List For Travel Opens in new window symbol helps you to keep your toddler safe and content when travelling

Vacation Packing Checklist For School Age Children Opens in new window symbol because older children have some special packing needs

Packing List For Teenagers Opens in new window symbol as you need to keep your teen happy for your family vacation to be a success

Business Travel Packing List Opens in new window symbol because business travelers don't want to spend too much time on packing

Cruise Packing List Opens in new window symbol as you must bring what you need because it can be long way to the nearest shop when you are on a cruise ship

Alaska Cruise Packing List Opens in new window symbol because cold climate makes packing even more challenging Packing List For Ski Trips as skiing trips require some special clothes and equipments

Packing Checklists For Diabetics Opens in new window symbol this is the travel packing list that could save lives

Feel free to print any packing list template that fits your travel needs. If you travel frequently, you might be interested in downloading our Free Vacation Packing Guide.

It offers practical travel packing tips about what to pack and how best to pack it. It explains the most popular luggage packing methods in details (with photos) and includes all the above vacation packing lists.