About Us - The People Behind B For Bag

We are Birgir and Asa Gislason, a married couple in our forties.

Asa and Birgir Gislason
We love traveling

Travelling is our hobby and passion. We have so far travelled to over 70 countries and we have lived and worked in three countries in Europe.

We have travelled extensively on business (Europe, US and Asia). We have travelled even more for leisure, including travelling around the world for a whole year (Africa, Asia, Australasia, S-America). That truly was a trip of a lifetime.

We have planned and organized all our holidays our self and we share our travel experience on our website Top Travel Tips.

Why B for Bag?

All our travelling means we have packed few bags during our lifetime. We know all about packing light, but we usually don't... We travelled around the world with two suitcases (on wheels), camera backpack and a daypack.

Still space was always the issue. We had to learn to pack smartly and discovering packing organizers was a revelation to us.

We like to share our experience and therefore established B for Bag, a dedicated website about everything related to luggage, bags and packing.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and hope to see you again soon.

Best regards,

Birgir and Asa

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